VoIP hosted solutions

robust, reliable, flexible, and affordable

Together with a leading expert in Hosted Solutions, Safatel is proud to offer you and your business a hosted PBX solution that is fully managed, enterprise-grade with a cloud based VoIP phone system that is scalable, robust, affordable, flexible and reliable. Unlike the larger telco’s, we genuinely care. Avoid the frustration of overpriced and lacklustre large telco’s providing poor customer relations.

Specialising in commercial and industry specific organisations such as multi-site businesses; medical and health professions; government and education; and complex call centres, Safatel guarantees to not only save you money but provide a communication solution that boosts profits and productivity. Invest in a streamlined workflow for your business – all supported by REAL Australian Support Teams who are friendly, professional and dedicated to you with personalised, good-old-fashioned, honest customer service.

what is VoIP

Hosted VoIP Solutions – also known as Hosted Phone Solutions, Hosted PBX, VoIP Business Systems, Virtual Phone Systems, SIP Phone Systems or Cloud Based Phone Systems – are a cost-effective, feature-rich alternative to traditional analogue phone systems. VoIP technology (which stands for Voice Over IP) converts audio into a digital signal, allowing you to make calls directly from any data driven device with an IP address.

priority servicing

Most support requests are handled by our support team within the hour via our ticketing system or you can call us directly and get through almost right away – no long wait times and being transferred from department to department. We can remotely manage your phone system, so adjustments can be done instantly with a change and a restart of the phone. Don’t wait 24-48 hours for a change.

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did you know... safatel can customise your phone system, creating an asset to enhance your daily workflow by automating some of your day to day tasks.

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benefits of a hosted solution through safatel

Allow us to customise your communication needs, creating a system that best suits your business requirements and your budget. The rollout of the NBN makes VoIP a smart and easy option.
  • A cost-effective, feature-rich, cloud-based solution which can be customised to suit your individual business needs – streamlining your workflow and leading to large savings for your business.
  • Multi-site enabled offering portability and flexibility (not fixed to a traditional PBX with limited movement and growth).
  • Connect remotely – staff can work from home and appear to be in the office.
  • Easily expandable – add handsets and features as your business needs grow.
  • Increased reliability, efficiency and functionality.
  • Simple call queues and operating procedures.
  • Voice alert and SMS marketing.
  • Appointment settings.
  • Custom reporting tailor made for your business.
  • Flexible answering services and emergency call diverts.
  • Additional features include: unified communications, voice and video, voicemail to email, instant messaging, call centre solutions, auto attendants, call recording, hold music, messages on hold, call flow statistics, VoIP handsets, reception consoles.
  • One flat, low monthly price.
  • Advanced routing options.
  • No long term contracts.